Modern Physics has discovered that every substance has a certain frequency at which it vibrates.

Natural substances that have been processed or packaged lose their natural frequency and much of their potential benefit to us as food. This includes water, which when pumped, treated and piped to your home, has totally lost its natural properties. I am sure you have noticed this.

Presence of Bio Energized Water envelopes your apartment with positive energy that protetcs you from effects of electro-magnetic radiation and enhances your vitality.

Bio Energized Water is free of contaminants with life-enhancing frequencies that hydrates exhausted cells to recover from damages done by water laden with foreign substances.

Bio-Energized Water will restore lost body natural values and resonance to all food items at the right bio-frequencies to increase and harmonize our body energy level.


To improve or speed up cell development, nutrients must move in and waste products must move out of living cells. A molecule of water serves as this vehicle. The "BIO ENERGIZED WATER" plays the part of a stimulant by acting as a carrier which holds the nutrients or wastes in solution in the water. "BIO ENERGIZED WATER" is a micelle-forming solution, which is capable of carrying the nutrients so very tiny, that they then have the capacity to pass through the tissues allowing them to react completely. Micelles are detergent-like and they are able to exist in an aqueous (water) environment while possessing an interior that is capable of carrying the non-water soluble compounds.

One of the key qualities of Bio Energized Water is its ability to change the surface tension of the water. It changes the molecular structure of water; it breaks down the water droplets very, very tiny. It makes water, as man has never known water, in "it’s perfect state," as water was in the beginning of time. The surface tension relates to the ability of one element or compound to hang onto another. A small quantity of Bio Energized Water has a definite influence on reducing the inter-molecular bonding, especially of organic compounds.


The list of attributes of Bio Energized Water is long and amazing. We consider Bio Energized Water as a "Stabilizer." It takes an organism under stress and helps it return to its normal state. Stress, as used in this context, means any change in conditions surrounding the organism that are not good for its continued existence." For example, a plant which is stressed by a drought condition will do better if it has been treated with Bio Energized Water, than a plant under the same stressful conditions that was treated with regular water. All living organisms have built-in, natural defense mechanisms, or systems, to help them survive stressful situations.

Bio Energized Water apparently has the property of this natural defense mechanism. The natural defense mechanism may also be the reason the water works well in helping the body maintain wellness. How else might this be important? Think about all the reports you've read regarding the great number of problems that are actually caused by, or at least aggravated by stress, at work, in family relations, or our polluted environment and this does not exclude plant life, from extreme types of weather.

Any substance that could reduce stress and help the body of all living things to "stabilize" would have great potential benefit for millions of people who are suffering from stress-related problems. Many people have also reported that they believe they feel significantly less "tense," deal with stress better, and sleep better than usual, coincident with their beginning use of the Bio Energized water.


Another "unusual" property of Bio Energized Water is its ability to boost an organism's assimilation of nutrients. Controlled tests being conducted on horses, dairy and feed cattle and poultry have found that Bio Energized Water treated animals and birds gained more weight on less feed. Also the grower used one-third the normal dosage of antibiotics. The feed conversion is easily recognized as being an "assimilation of nutrients" factor. 

When a living thing is in "trouble" it is because:

1) Something is present that should not be there or

 2) Something is not there that should be present, or the body of the living, whether it be man, animal or plant life is under some type of stress.

It is important to point out that we are talking about increased assimilation of nutrients, of all living things, meaning vitamins and minerals, enzymes. In relationship to humans, many people find they eat less when drinking Bio Energized Water. The Bio Energized Water actually helps, rather than hinders dieters. The term normalizer seems to apply here.

Those who are overweight often report a decrease in their appetites, when "on the water," and those who are underweight many times report an increase in appetite, and weight gain. This assimilation of nutrients is a key point in explaining why the water seems to "do so many different things for so many different people." The fact may well be that the water is simply doing one thing in many of those cases: boosting nutrient assimilation enough to overcome the deficiency and thereby alleviating the problem.

This increased assimilation of nutrients may also benefit an, organism by helping it to maintain wellness. Also, it is very helpful in "assisting in the removal of wastes" from the body. 

In summary, it enables more nutrients to be assimilated by the body and wastes to be removed from the body, than regular water does. For ease of memory, one might think of "the water" as a "nutrient extender" and a "waste remover."


To explain how the water does this, we first need to understand swelling. Swelling occurs when physical damage is done to the system, permitting the flow of liquid (of which there are 40 liters in the typical adult body) into the damaged area and restricting the normal flow away from that area. This leads directly into the next property:


One of the most common uses of the water is "on skin problems"... burns, rashes, etc. We do not list this area as a 'property" as such, because it seems simply to center on type of use rather than why it works that way. Extraordinary results have been reported by those who have used the water on burns.


In summary, Bio Energized Water is water with its molecular structure rearranged, with the presence of electrolytes, nutrients and ingredients which has unusual abilities. 

Bio Energized Water is a stress reducer, or normalizer, a nutrient assimilator and waste products remover, water balancer, and a skin conditioner. 

Bio Energized Water has been analyzed, tested and classified as: non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, and caused no mutagenic activity.