Bio-Energized Water is an anti-oxidant par excellence free of contaminants with life-enhancing frequencies that hydrates exhausted cells to recover from damages done by water laden with foreign substances full of effects from electromagnetic radiation  of various kinds which depletes our energy.

Vibration medicine has concluded that drinking energized water is the most effective way to boost your energy, make it your choice.

The purity of the water we drink greatly affects our strength and energy level.

Any toxic chemicals, chlorine included, that gets into our body, will use the body's strength and energy to repair and reduce the damage done by that contaminant.    

Why Bio Energized Water is the best

What would you think is most important to mankind and to any other single thing on Planet Earth? What is the most important thing to beauty and health? You are right if you thought it was WATER. It enhances everything about us. Water adds moisture back into our skin and brings the natural oils to the surface. What hydrates and oxygenates and changes the pH of the body?....GOD's precious Water!

There has been much controversy about what is the best water. Some say well water or spring water is the best. It comes from down deep in the ground with all of its minerals ... but that is a myth. Have you noticed how many of those people are crippled with arthritis and have died before their time? It was the hard rock minerals which were the cause of their aching joints and arthritic conditions.

I am great for visuals, so let’s do one....ever looked at the inside of that old pipe taken from an old farm house...or pipe that has been used for a long time...awful huh.....all corroded up with layer upon layer of minerals...well, the inside of your arteries look the same and this takes your life!

The hard rock minerals after drinking that dead water for years, builds up and builds up walls in your arteries as those hard rock inorganic minerals do to those old pipes in that farm house.

Our body was made to ingest organic minerals from plant life. Now the plant life takes those hard rock minerals and converts them to organic

Our plants thrive on hard rock minerals and convert them to organic minerals for humans to assimilate. Plants convert the hard rock minerals into living colloids and poly-electrolytes. Remember those two words.

Besides all of this, water everywhere is polluted to one degree or another. either by polluted rivers and the pollution that goes up into the air and gets into the creeks and streams to find its way into the rivers and then into the ocean. It never ends! This is a continuous cycle.

It is critical for the body to have the BEST water we can give it. When you give the body the right kind of water, it allows the blood to flow to the cells and thus we function more like in the manner nature designed us to. Toxins are the cause of death before time. The right kind of water is critical to stop degeneration of the body. Think and drink Bio Energized Water.

When our body is loaded with toxins, it cannot replace the cells in like kind. Each cell will reproduce in a lesser kind ... thus, the aging process escalates. If our bodies are free of toxins and the proper nutrients are provided, then the life expectancy would be much greater than it is today. What is the best water we can take for optimum performance? It would be water which had a high concentrate of colloids and which is electrically charged and water which had a lower surface tension than that of normal tap water - in other words, Think and drink Bio Energized Water.

When Bio Energized Water is added to water, the following happens

 (1) It raises the ph to, as high as 10.2 ph depending on what kind of water.

 (2) The creation of high dissolved oxygen occurs and will hold for several months

(3) It changes the molecular structure of that water

 (4) Reduction in the surface tension occurs to 61 dynes. Normal water is 73-74 dynes.

(5) The Bio Energized Water has the ability to make the water "wetter" thus greater hydration to     the body and

(6) Has the ability to more effectively act as a carrier of nutrients into cells.

(7) Also, in the formulation, naturally occurring electrolytes now exist in Bio Energized Water for more energy.

 (8) Last but not least, the trade secret formulation of Bio Energized Water has created a household product hard to beat in its values to the body of all living things.