Bio-Energized Water

Bio-Energized Water is an anti-oxidant par excellence free of contaminants with life-enhancing frequencies that hydrates exhausted cells to recover from damages done by water laden with foreign substances full of effects from electromagnetic radiation  of various kinds which depletes our energy.

Vibration medicine has concluded that drinking energized water is the most effective way to boost your energy, make it your choice.

The purity of the water we drink greatly affects our strength and energy level. Any toxic chemicals, chlorine included, that gets into our body, will use the body's strength and energy to repair in order to reduce the damage done by that contaminant.

Bio-Energized Water will restore lost body natural values and resonance to all food items at the right bio-frequencies to increase and harmonize our body energy level.

Toxemia is one of the primary causes of illnesses. This product enhances and improves the biocompatibility of water molecules improving the transport of nutrients into our body cells and effectively removing toxins from our cells.  

Bio-Energized Water envelopes our environment and body with a protective layer of positive energy to avoid damages from electromagnetic radiation. (E-smog).

This therapy has been tested to be very effective on the following ailments but not limited to:

Asthma, Heart Related Diseases, Insomnia, Arthritis, Fatigue/Stress, Indigestion, Weak Erection, Stiff Neck/Joint Pains, Menstrual Pain, Irregular Menstrual Flow, Chest Pain, Pain Reliever, Paralysis/Stroke, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Migraine Headache, Kidney Stone, Fatigue, Constipation and Cancer. 

Base on the efficacy and testimonies that accompanied the use of Bio Energized Water, it can really help your family and friends to overcome several health challenges. It is a very effective alternative medicine.


Manganese oxide, Zinc gluconate, Selenium proteinate, Chromium proteinate, Betain hydrochloride,   

L-cysteine hydrochloride and glandulars.


WATER, two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen is the most essential element next to air for survival.

The human body is a machine running primarily on water and minerals and by weight, our body is about 72% water. Naturally, the qualities of water we consume affect our overall state of health because healing and life giving process happens in our body through water. 

Our blood, the very substance of our existence is more than 83% water, flowing through our body distributing nutrients, oxygen and antibodies on demand.

This product research is certified by World Health Organisation (WHO).

It was investigated by three institutes and laboratories in Nigeria, Singerpore, and Japan to redefine and reshape the quality of water for domestic and industrial use for innumerable medicinal value on plants and animals.



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