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I used the Bio Energized Water for the treatment of Arthritis



Miraculous healings of Bio Energized Water

The miraculous healings of Bio Energized water has been tested by farmers on animals and plants. Pink eye in sheep, mastitis in cows' udders, terrible barbed wire tears, all healed in 1/3 the normal time. News of the healings with Bio Energized water spreads on daily basis which has been attracting people from far and near to start placing order for this miraculous product. 

It’s filled in a 50cl bottle and a dozen in a well branded carton. The U.S. House Subcommittee on Health and Long Term Care of the Select Committee on Aging of the U.S. House of Representatives did quite a report which reflected many personal testimonies from these users with fantastic results on numerous maladies!

What Medical Experts are saying about Bio Energized Water


  • Got Oxygen?
  • Got High pH that holds?
  • Got Hydration?
  • Got Electrolytes?
  • Got Energy?

If you do not have the benefits above, in the water you drink or the liquid contents that goes into your body, then you are missing all the amazing and miraculous healing benefits of Bio Energized Water in your life! 

Bio Energized Water accelerates the process of nutrient delivery into the cells and speeds up the waste extraction process of all living things which promotes faster healing and an overall healthy being. 

Bio Energized Water, with its molecular rearranged structure, has many attributes:

  • Very high alkalinity which does not dissipate
  • Contains high dissolved oxygen that does not dissipate
  • Contains naturally occurring electrolytes for energy
  • Promotes quicker healing
  • Breaks down nutrients for better assimilation of vitamins and minerals
  • Greater hydration by a lower surface tension once added to water

Bio Energized Water does many things for better health and well-being of all living things; human, animals and plant life. Bio Energized Water is simple to use: One ounce to a gallon and you have it all. The ph of most drinking water (bottled and tap) and recovery drinks are at acidic levels or neutral at best. When the Bio Energized Water is added to water, it acts as a catalyst to raise the ph from acidic to high alkaline in a range of 9.2 ph to 10.2 ph bringing it to a healthy level of alkaline water that will not dissipate.

Bio Energized Water in its concentrated form has been recently laboratory tested and at the time of testing the age of the product was 30 years, still testing at the high 11.8 pH after all those years! Bio Energized Water does not dissipate with age. Bio Energized Water is an optimum ph balance trade secret formula which balances your ph naturally.

Bio Energized Water oxygenates the water and will hold the oxygenation for several months after it has been diluted one oz to a gallon of water. Bio Energized Water also changes the molecular structure of water by reducing the surface tension of normal water being 73-74 dynes to 61 dynes. 

Addition of Bio Energized Water into normal water makes it wetter, thus has the ability to more effectively hydrate the body. 

Bio Energized Water acts as a carrier of nutrients into the cells, and breaks nutrients down into very tiny particles, electrically charges those particles for greater assimilation passing through to the body's cells.  

Bio energized Water also contains naturally occurring electrolytes for greater energy and a wonderful feeling of well-being.



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